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Calhoun County Polling Places
Primary and General Elections
Precinct Number and Name
Precinct Polling Location
01 Butler & Williams Pomeroy Community Building
02 Calhoun, Jackson, Elm Grove & Lake Creek Lake City Fire Station
03 Cedar Somers Community Building
04 Center, Logan, Twin Lakes & Garfield Courthouse Basement, Northwest Room
05 Greenfield Knierim City Hall
06 Lake City Lake City Community Building
07 Lincoln Manson Fire Station
08 Reading Farnhamville City Hall/Library
09 Rockwell City Courthouse Basement, North Door
10 Sherman Twin Lakes Christian Center (Sherman Township)
11 Union Lohrville JJ Hands Library
Absentee Courthouse
City Elections
Precinct Name
Precinct Polling Location
Farnhamville City Hall/Library
Jolley Community Building
Knierim Community Building
Lake City Community Building
Lohrville JJ Hands Library
Manson Fire Station
Pomeroy Community Building
Rinard Library/City Hall
Rockwell City Courthouse Basement
Somers Community Building
Yetter City Hall
Absentee Courthouse
School Elections
Precinct Name
Precinct Polling Location
Rockwell City/Lytton Courthouse basement
Rockwell City/Lytton Lytton Middle School
Southern Cal Lake City Community Building
Southern Cal Lohrville Community Building